Covid19 vaccination and mask requirements

The club requires that all players at the club are double vaccinated with a booster within 6 months of the second vaccination for Covid19. This decision was not taken lightly, but it is considered to be necessary to protect our membership base. This will come into effect even if the state does not open its borders.

Proof of vaccination must be presented at the club to a Committee member before play is allowed. The details will be recorded so that proof only needs to be provided once. Proof of vaccination will be confirmed via the presentation of an Australian Government COVID-19 Certificate, the Medicare COVID-19 digital certificate or the Service WA app.

Players with a medical exemption from Covid19 vaccination will not be allowed to play. Again, a decision not lightly taken, and the protecton of the membership base is a priority.

If the state brings in a mask mandate for our situation at any time, players with a medical exemption for mask wearing will not be allowed to play. Again, the prioriity is the protection of our membership base.


About us

 The Club conducts regular competitions each Monday (1PM start), Wednesday (10:00AM start) and Thursday (1PM start) in the R A Cook Reserve Pavilion, 55 Gummery Street, Bedford. (Please be seated 10 minutes before the advertised start time).
There is also a supervised session on Thursday mornings at 9:30am, held at the Inglewood Library, 895 Beaufort St.

No Partner? No Worries.

Just turn up, we promise you a game.

(For all Green Point events).


Looking for something more permanent? The Club has a partner coordinator, Colleen Prosser, and will try to find a partner for you if you give some advance notice. Colleen can be contacted on 9344 3031. 

Getting Started

Never played bridge before? We run courses on Bridge Basics and Basic Bidding at the Inglewood Library. Sessions run for 90 minutes each week for 10 weeks and are free.

You can learn the terminology and the mechanics of playing bridge. There is lots of practice, and a chance to learn a few tricks of the trade. For further details, contact Linley on 9328 5349 or just turn up on the 22nd.

Inglewood Library

895 Beaufort St



Have you played bridge before but not at a club or played at a club but you're a bit rusty? It doesn't matter, our Thursday morning supervised session, also held at the Inglewood Library, is for you.

You can practice your bridge and get support along the way. Use a 'cheat sheet' if you want and ask the supervisor for advice when you need it. Practice playing under normal club conditions, like playing to time and playing different people.

If you have a bridge partner bring them along, otherwise just turn up on your own. If you miss a week, we'll be there for you next time. It's flexible, it's cost effective and it's fun.

Just come along and give it a try.



Coming Events


Monday 12th and 19th September

Spring Pairs -  Red Point Event

Friday 28th October

Open Novice Congress

Monday 14th November

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 16th and 23rd November

Summer Pairs -  Red Point Event

Week Beginning Monday 12th December

Stephen Orner Week

Thursday 2nd and 9th February

MBC Shield -  Red Point Event



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