CovidSafe Plan

Tuesday, 25 August 2020 by Linley LE PAGE

As members you are required to adhere to the following health requirements please.

Do not come to bridge if you are unwell with symptoms of coughs or colds.

Sanitise your hands on entering the club room.

Bring your own cup and take it home with you to be washed.

Take your new bidding box home and bring it with you each time you attend bridge.

Bridgemates must only be handled by members playing north.

Cover your mouth or nose with your elbow if you do cough or sneeze.

Sanitise your hands immediately.

Provide your own biscuits or packed lunch in suitable containers. Do not share.

The kitchen and fridge are off limits to all except the volunteers who are serving you your tea, coffee, milk or sugar.

Stand 1.5 metres apart when queueing for service.

Place your cup onto the volunteer’s plate to be filled and handed back to you.

Be extra diligent with hand washing after using the toilet.

Ensure Bridgemates, table cloths, cushions, chairs and side tables are sprayed with sanitiser before they are packed away.

Safe and happy bridging